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Birding at Chan Chich Lodge

Birding at the Lodge

For nearly three decades Chan Chich Lodge has been considered one of the best properties in the world for birding. Due to its privileged location, surrounded by nearly half a million acres of conservation land, the diversity of species is exceptional. Guests, together with our guides, have documented 370+ species within Chan Chich’s 30,000 acres.

Of the country’s 590 recorded species, a few of the most spectacular and more rare species can be seen here with some luck: the Lovely Cotinga, Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Agami Heron, and Rose-throated Tanager, as well as a host of colourful toucans, parrots and hummingbirds.

Birding tours can be on foot in the immediate area of the lodge, and/or by vehicles that take you to the various hot spots around the property. Maximize your species count by taking part in both walking and vehicle birding tours. We encourage you to use our checklists, which are designed to help you identify species more quickly and correctly; this also helps our guides ensure the checklists are constantly up to date. Better yet, submit your sightings on eBird so your observations are included in the Chan Chich eBird Hotspot!

Download our Condensed and Full Birding Checklist below.

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