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Night Safaris

This safari-style drive uses our specially designed open-backed truck. Private tours utilize our battery powered golf cart. Guides are equipped with high-powered spotlights and will search for the eye-shine of nocturnal fauna. Guests will see several nocturnal birds such as the Northern Potoo and the Spectacled Owl while searching for creatures closer to the top of the food chain.

The tour starts at Chan Chich and makes its way along Chan Chich Road, or the old Sylvester Road in search of nocturnal sightings. While Jaguar, Ocelot, Margay, and Puma can be spotted at all hours, the night drive is considered by most to be the best chance for a natural sighting.

Night drive prices are US $20/hour/person + 12.5% General Sales Tax

Gallon Jug Farm Tour

Explore the open area around the Gallon Jug farm and coffee plantation for many resident and migrant species. Toucans, Red-lored Parrots, Crested Guan, and many others are permanent residents. Combine this with a Gallon Jug farm tour to learn about the various agricultural projects on the property.

All daytime vehicle tours are priced at US $20/hour/person + 12.5% General Sales Tax. 

Tours to other areas of the property are available upon request.

Laguna Seca

The name of this wetland habitat translates to “Dry Lake” in English. The area is often patrolled by a troop of resident spider monkeys and is known for drying up completely in years with severe dry seasons. It is a spot known for water loving bird species such as the Northern Jacana, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron, Anhingas and many others. It is also known as a seasonal spot for Lovely Cotingas and Ornate Hawk-eagles.

Upper Escarpment

Sitting over 900 feet above sea level, the upper escarpment is one of the highest points on the property and worth it for the breath-taking vista alone. The high elevation and broad field of view allow bird watchers glimpses of various raptors and vultures that soar the areas thermals. Black-and-White Hawk-Eagles and White Hawks are common to the area.

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