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We did not invent the terminology, but sustainable development describes what we have been doing here for nearly three decades. From the creation of a 30,000-acre nature reserve, to the implementation of daily practices that reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, Chan Chich Lodge is committed to combining conservation and local economic development. We also did not invent the terminology farm-to-table, but we have practiced it since the 1980s.

Roughly 60% of the food we serve in our restaurant is organically produced on our farm and the local community. We are helping to save Belize’s indigenous cuisine and the heirloom crops that define it by growing native crops on our 3,000-acre organic farm. We are building a marketplace for local products through such enterprises as the production of hot sauces and organic coffee.

We care about our beautiful country as well as our amazing planet. For this reason, we focus our attention on three R’s: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Although we have electricity 24/7, we curb electricity use by turning off lights and fans when not in use. And while the water supply is plentiful, it is carefully managed by the lodge and staff housing. Staff gathers rainwater at their houses and purify it for cooking or washing. Our gardeners are working to plant an edible landscape of fruit bearing trees within the lodge grounds, and these items make their way into our kitchen and onto your plate. Ask for fresh lime juice the next time you are thirsty!

We are also pleased to announce the addition of organic, natural, and biodegradable EO soaps, lotions, and shampoos, as well as Living Fresh linens crafted from a blend of eucalyptus fibres and cotton for an amazing and healthy sleep. We make furniture and building materials on site from our own wild fall or sustainably harvested wood.

For many years Bowen & Bowen, the holding company that owns Chan Chich Lodge, has supported the Casey Community Primary School that provides education to the staff children at Gallon Jug Farm. Raffle Tickets from the Casey Community School can be found at the front desk to help the students further their Education. The lodge also provides free housing, electricity, and water for the staff.

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